Live No Lies

Praise for Live No Lies

“This is the book I’ve been waiting for and one of the most important books a follower of Jesus will ever read. It will become a classic.”

—Christine Caine, founder of A21 and Propel Women

“John Mark Comer is a gift to the church. He writes with adept cultural nuance, theological savvy, and refreshing spiritual depth. In Live No Lies, he’s taken on a multilayered, ancient topic and brilliantly rearticulated it for our generation. I found myself swiftly turning pages and underlining far too many sentences. This is a gem.”

—Rich Villodas, lead pastor of New Life Fellowship and author of The Deeply Formed Life

“If your soul feels depleted and beat up, Live No Lies is the book you need to pick up and read. Right now. It is brilliant, deep, scriptural, and will equip you to face the enemy and fight.”

—Jennie Allen, New York Times bestselling author of Get Out of Your Head and founder and visionary of IF:Gathering

“John Mark Comer has a rare and remarkable ability to apply ancient wisdom to contemporary questions, taking complex ideas and making them transformational in our everyday lives. They say that the longest journey is from the head to the heart, but this book breaks the rule. Again and again your heart will be stirred by the clarity of insight herein.”

—Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 Prayer International, senior pastor of Emmaus Rd, and author of How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People

“In a time that feels full of contradictions and confusion, John Mark does a masterful job of laying out what is true,

what true is, and why it matters deeply that we know the truth. This is the book for our day.”

—Annie F. Downs, New York Times bestselling author of That Sounds Fun

“John Mark Comer is an inspired communicator who speaks with honesty, wisdom, and insight into the challenges of our time.”

—Nicky Gumbel, vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton and pioneer of Alpha

“I devoured every word of this book and found myself deeply stirred and nourished. John Mark speaks to the mind and soul, as he uncovers in his usual thoughtful way the three great enemies to our peace—the world, the flesh, and the devil. You will emerge better after reading these pages.”

—Bryan Loritts, author of Insider Outsider

“Every day we are dealing with temptations in multiple forms that draw us away from faithfulness to the Way of Jesus. In this compelling work, John Mark gives a vision of the beauty of Jesus in a culture of lies.”

—Jon Tyson, pastor of Church of the City New York and author of The Intentional Father

“In Live No Lies, John Mark Comer gives us an incredibly important and timely book for every Christ-follower walking out discipleship in a society rippling and raging with new echoes of Pilate’s old question ‘What is truth?’ This is a robust psychological, philosophical, and theological framework for engaging in spiritual formation and recognizing deformation in the modern era. And perhaps most excitingly, it makes a compelling and, dare I say, irrefutable case for biblical freedom.”

—Brooke Ligertwood, Grammy Award–winning songwriter, co-founder of Creatr, and head of Hillsong Worship

“Like few in our time can do, Comer takes the unknown and misunderstood and simplifies the story so we see the active role we must play to not only survive but also thrive.”

—Gabe Lyons, president of Q Ideas and co-author of Good Faith

“This book is a godsend. It exposes our spiritual enemy of untruth—a foe impacting our societies on a global scale. In a world where everyone tries to live their own ‘truth,’ this book reveals and challenges the many lies that have become common, normal, and accepted in our everyday conversations and decisions. This is a must-read.”

—Albert Tate, lead pastor of Fellowship Church

“What I love about John Mark is that he continues to keep Jesus and his words fastened closely together. Our culture tends to like Jesus (or their ideas of him) but not his words. Authors like John Mark give me hope for the future church.”

—Nathan Finochio, founder of TheosU

“Comer has personally helped me on my faith journey and I believe he is one of the greatest teachers of our generation. As you read Live No Lies, your heart will be strengthened and your eyes opened to the daily war waged against our personal peace.”

—Rich Wilkerson Jr., pastor of VOUS Church

“In a time where deception seems to have settled upon the land like a dense fog, Live No Lies offers us a clearing to see how we have been deceived, to learn how we deceive ourselves, and to flee from the one who deceives. As the fog clears, the radiant light of Christ cuts through, offering us a narrow but truthful path. An essential guide for discernment in our contested age.”

—Mark Sayers, senior leader of Red Church in Melbourne, Australia, and author of a number of books including Strange Days and Reappearing Church

Comer, John Mark. 2021. Live No Lies: Recognize and Resist the Three Enemies That Sabotage Your Peace. Oxford, England: Form.

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